ThaiQuest Enterprise Search

ThaiQuest Enterprise Search Engine (TQES) offers a fast, reliable search engine that leverages the business and scalability to the fullest extent. Overcoming long-standing Thai language problems in a regular search engine, TQES offers extensive support covering full-text search in multiple languages, a range of file formats, development programming languages and more.



Real-time Indexing

instantly detects and displays related documents that have recently been added, edited or deleted


Full-Text Search

works with Thai and English, offers optional support for other languages


Complex Search

Condition including Boolean expressions, wildcards, double quotes and parentheses

Keywords / Phrase Highlight

makes it easy to quickly spot keywords in matched documents. Highlight colors differ for each keyword

Multiple File Format Support

MS Office 2003 and 2007, Adobe PDF, HTML, web archive (MHT) and plain text

Rich API (Application Programming Interface) Support

Support Available from ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, C++, JAVA, JSP and PHP to Delphi.

Key Variation Mapping

Automatically detects words with more than one spelling. i.e. searching for “Jan” or will also get the match result of the word “January“

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