Aspen is the leading stock analysis software, which provides market professionals with the functionality they require to conduct accurate, real-time analysis on any financial instrument. Aspen provides real-time financial data, analytics, and news from both domestic and international sources, and features a robust suite of tools for technical analysis such as customizable charting, trend lines, real-time price alerts, along with real-time stock quotes, indices, exchange rates, interest rates, commodities and futures, crude oil, metal, and coal prices, and much more, allowing serious traders and investors to trade with confidence in any market.

Aspen Mobile features:

  • Comprehensive data: Aspen Mobile offers real-time streaming quotes of global indices, currencies, interest rates, futures, and commodity prices. The “Thailand’s Stock Indices” tab shown on the status bar of every active screen allows you to always stay up-to-date with Thailand’s stock market movements.
  • Real-time Streaming – No More Refresh: Track movements of stock quotes, futures contract prices, warrants, derivative warrants, SET index, and derivative market, all in real-time.
  • Advanced Charts and Trend Lines at Your Fingertips: Aspen’s advanced charting engine equipped with ready-to-use technical studies, trend lines and drawing tools allow you to view chart, in any chart type, timeframe and color of your choice.
  • Real-time News and Market Commentaries: Provides you with real-time domestic and international news along with market commentaries from 30+ brokers.
  • Stocks and Futures Ranking: Rank and sort stocks and futures by trading values, trading volumes, and more.
  • Listed Companies Information: Profiles of listed public companies are available to support your investment decisions.
  • Market Watch-List: Create a watch-list of up to 150 stock picks.
  • Customized Screens/Display: Allows personalized settings and the screens are highly customizable to fit your needs and purposes.

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